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Quest believes in experiential learning and so we partnered with Celemi, the world Leader in the field of Business Simulations.
Business Simulations are business games that replicate real-life business environments, and are designed around core business functions such as: Strategy, Finance, Marketing, etc.

This is how the simulation goes:

  • Participants are divided into groups to form ‘companies’
  • Participants compete against each other in a‘common market’
  • Striving to prevail over the competition, participants make business decisions based on‘market conditions’
  • Participants learn from the outcomes of those decisions

Programs Include:

Participants using Celemi ‘Apples & Oranges’ can benefit from:

  • Understanding how daily decisions impact the company strategically and financially.
  • Knowing how their business generates profits today, and how it will need to generate profits in the future.
  • Understanding inventory capital management and how the use of assets affects the profitability.
  • Learning how small changes in operations significantly can alter outcomes and improve bottom-line result.
  • Understanding the company values and business drivers, and how to leverage them.

A valuable preparation for the challenges of project management

Participants emerge from the experience with:

  • Ability to balance the needs of different stakeholders.
  • Defining and setting key performance measures.
  • Spotting potential pitfalls in projects.
  • Multi-tasking with ongoing projects back on the job.

Companies using Decision Base can benefit by:

  • Improved productivity through better teamwork, communication and coordination.
  • Alignment around the “big picture”, and deeper understanding of strategy and tactical initiatives.
  • Optimal allocationof limited resources.
  • Increased responsiveness to internal and external customer needs.
  • Business literacy and financial acumen.
  • Understanding of the impact of financial decisions.

Participants eventually see eye-to-eye the overall business situation by:

  • Practicing on a model of the business dynamics, priorities, and how to move forward.
  • Exploring the key value drivers of the business and their relative impact on the organization.
  • Identifying potential for improvement and how to contribute to strategy implementation.
  • Becoming inspired to make a difference.

Livon helps organizations to:

  • Develop effective specific marketing plans and strategies.
  • Use powerful marketing tactics to attract local customers and beat competitors.
  • Manage scarce resources to remain competitive and profitable.
  • Come up with effective advertising and competitive pricing.

Livon Lite helps organizations to achieve:

  • Allignment around the  “big picture”, yet deeply understanding strategy and tactical initiatives.
  • Optimal allocation of limited resources.
  • Increased responsiveness to internal and external customer needs.
  • Understanding of the overall impact of their business decisions.
  • Inspiring ‘Glocal’ performance (local within global)

Fosters a smooth hierarchal and a cross-functional dialogue on strategic issues by:

  • Creating a common understanding of the key issues and factors that influence the business.
  • Highlighting the importance of being customer-focused and understanding customer needs.
  • Illustrating how small improvements can have a great effect on the bottom line.
  • Inspiring people to be positive and focus on ‘what can be done’, even when business conditions are tough.

Participants learn how to:

  • Identify and calibrate on the business’ intangible value.
  • Approach target customers effectively.
  • Assign the appropriate account management personnel to each client; to assure compatibility, brand loyalty, and sustainable profits.
  • Find the balance between effective short-term goals and successful long-term planning.
  • Assess how an employee’s job and development path fits into the overall corporate strategy.

Organization use The Medici Game to:

  • Inspire people to think outside of the box and realize their own ability to be innovative.
  • Explore some of the latest findings on innovation  and reach a shared understanding through dialog and discovery.
  • Create an innovative environment and support a cultural shift throughout the organization.
  • Kick off a conference, project or other initiative  and open people’s minds.




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