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Youth Leadership

The goal of the Youth Leadership Academy is to develop young and future leaders who will serve their communities and country now and in the future. A unique aspect of the Youth Leadership Academy is its interactive workshops, to build relationships and sharpen Leadership, Communication, and Team-Building Skills.

The program also focuses on Values, Respect and Discipline. 
This program provides an opportunity for young people to put into practice their new knowledge and skills, promotes the power of youth-adult partnerships. It will help them realize the potential within themselves through the high impact learning of essential life skills.

The Team Development Program is built around a series of high-impact, motivating activities, projects and challenges with participants engaged in memorable experiences. All this is in a spirit of fun and challenge, accenting the key aspects of effective team work. There’s powerful learning in the short review and reflection after each activity, where they examine what went well or what might have been done differently or better, relating to objectives and actual challenges at home and school.