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Leadership Retreat

Our experiential Leadership Retreat & programs provide a platform for leaders to reflect on and re-assesstheir strategies, as well as develop new ideas & initiativesto improve themselves and their organizations.

Desired outcome:

  • Discover oneself and understand own behavior and how to build flexibility around one’s natural preference.
  • Develop an ‘Outside-In’ SWOT to improve oneself and one’s organization leading to a transformation exercise to reach the most appropriate strategy.
  • Facilitate strategic discussions, plans and directions for leadership teams.
  • Review on the past performance, reassess the current business scenario, create action plans and agree on key directions.
  • Attempt activities and challenges that bring the team closer in thoughts, actions and commitments.
  • Vision, Mission, and Values development and alignment.
  • Develop strategies, action plans and lead people through them.

** The retreat is normally carried along 2 to 3 days

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