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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

--Michael Jordan

Real-life challenges show that sustainable success, in any organization, cannot solely rely on a visionary leader, but it is rather the strong teams which believe in the ‘Power of unity’ that actually make it happen!

Being an innovator in the field of Human Resource Development, ‘Quest’ is excited to introduce brand new high-impact platforms that can turn businesses around and notch up their performance

Quest has partnered with a pioneer in Team Development from the UK, ABAMI. ABAMI has delivered 1000s of programs to 100,000+ participants across the region as  it is best known for its unique experiential learning solutions and activity-based team & leadership development programs.
The result of the QUEST & ABAMI collaboration is ‘QUEST ACTIVE’!

With its 160 platforms and over 100 highly qualified  and certified facilitators, QUEST Active is sure to challenge leaders and teams perspectives and change their lives.

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